Easiest Archery Target Ever




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I've searched for a cheep and easy to build archery target. But either the building process is to complex for somebody or you don't actually don't want to use your time to build a target, you want to shoot.

So I've come up with the simplest and easiest way ever.

Here in Germany we have something called "Sperrmüll" this is the kind of trash, which is to large for your standard bin. Every time shortly before the "Sperrmüll" got collected, I publish a short article in the local newspaper (for free) where I ask for old and not longer usable FOAM mattresses. You will get them for free from the most people.

When you have an old mattress, double check that you have a foam mattress.

Step 1: Fold Fix Shoot

Then simply fold the mattress and fix it with something.

Then apply something to aim to, I often use old catalog.

Happy shooting

PS. I've tested the target with my bow (Game Master 2 62" 50lb) and standard field tip arrow. After one year of shooting on the target no arrow come through till now.



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    3 years ago

    A new way to use up old magazines! Great idea!