Easiest DIY Paint Booth for Small Props



About: i make inexpensive costume & prop at home, free PDF files (dali-lomo.blogspot.com) share your builds on insta @dalilomo , #dalidiy :) watch video on youtube.com/dali1lomo

i often need to spray paint my props, and overspray is such a mess. i need a quick & cheap solution. tested method, works pretty well.

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Step 1: 1 Big Cardboard Box

preferably cover open from side, anyway you can modify it easily with cutter & duct tapes.

Step 2: Range Hood Filter

can use any replaceable cloth or paper filter, cut to windows size.

Step 3: Cut Windows & Clear Transparent Plastic

make a window for light & see inside, tape the window & filter down.

Step 4: Cut Hole Big Enough to Fit Your Arm

Step 5: Start Spraying

put your art piece & spray paint inside the box, close the cover, pick up the spray can & start spraying. Do not open box immediately, let the overspray settle first, about 5 minutes, then only open the cover :)

watch video for better explanation: https://youtu.be/ZGmvEVpD2gI

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