Easiest Flamethrower: Using Household Supplies





Introduction: Easiest Flamethrower: Using Household Supplies

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Hello everyone! Today I will be showing you, how I made my very own flamethrower, for a very cheap price, with items you most likely have around your house. Enjoy! Warning: Any injuries are not my responsibility, do this at your own risk.

Step 1: What's Needed:

For this project you will need:

AIr freshener (cologne or any spray that is flammable)



Rubber bands

That's all!

Step 2: Attach Lighter

First you will need to attach your lighter to the air freshener. Take a long piece of tape and place it on the lighter, and them wrap it around the can. The lighter should be slightly under the nozzle of the air freshener. If needed add some extra tape for support if it does not hold tight.

Step 3: Rubber Bands

Finally take 2 rubber bands. Attach these over the red piece of the lighter, that keeps it lit. Then wrap the rubber bands around the can. Now test the lighter, flicker it on, and make sure the rubber bands keep it on. If the rubber bands do not hold, keep adding more, until it does. Now your flamethrower is finished. Press the nozzle down, and watch the fire fly.



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