Easiest Glove Holder




Introduction: Easiest Glove Holder

1.5in binder clip
2 screws

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Step 1: Binder Clip

I used a 1.5in binder clip larger ones are ok a smaller one won't hold as much weight so they don't work as well

Step 2: Hole in Binder Clip

You need a starter hole in the binder clip for the next step. I used a nail for the hole

Step 3: Screw in the Binder Clip

After you have a hole put a screw through it just a bit

Step 4: Mount the Binder Clip

Screw in the binder clip to the bottom of the shelf or wherever you want the holder (make sure its near the edge)

Step 5: Secure the Handle

After the clip is mounted put a screw and washer to attach one of the handles on the outside edge

Step 6: Hang Gloves

The free arm of the binder clip will be used to open the clip

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