Easiest Ironman Nucleour Reactor by Aditya

file:///C:/Users/hp/Desktop/New%20folder%20(3)/Photo0481.jpgThis is very cool arc and very easy to make. I make this by some house hold things like thermocole aluminium foil a 12 V small  battry  and 3 led light ..................
step - 1- I cut a circular peice thermocole .
Step-2- I stick the the led light to the peice of  thermocole .
Step -3- I attach the led light to wire one wire for positive terminal and one for negative terminal.
Step-4-Then i start decoration  first- cut aluminium foil in circular shape and paste it
                                                        second- I make design to copper wire and paste it.
                                                        Third-I cut small peice of straw and paste with some small plastic blocks.
                                                        Fourth- I attach the reflector in the back side of led.
                                                         Fifths-paste tape at the circumfence of circle.
Step-6- attach the battry to the led light and joint switch. 
Step-7-in last attach rubber elastic to wear this.
                                                                                           So, It is ready to rock..............



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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    nice achivemnt


    3 years ago

    Use a floppy disk motor part now u made only one led fitted use 12 Smd led it gives very high bright


    5 years ago

    Nice job, accept its called the Arc Reactor