Easiest Makeup Hacks Ever

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Step 1: Concealer Without Creases

Apply your concealer in a triangle shape under your eye. Once you do this apply a matte white eyeshadow on top of your concealer. And take a quick look in the mirror and make sure that there aren't many crease lines.

Step 2: A Neutral Smokey Eye

This smokey eye isn't too dark but it's noticeable. Use any color eyeshadow at stick and apply it in a hashtag on your eyelid. If you need any help you can look at the pictures above.

Step 3: Make Gel Eyeliner

Use the lighter to slightly melt the eyeliner pencil. Then apply to your eyelid.

Step 4: Make Perfect Wings With a Spoon

Grab a spoon and place it as shown in the picture above and create your wing. Use the spoon as a guide line and then draw a line connecting to the previous line you drew.

Step 5: Now the Lips! 3D Effect With Eyeshadow

For your lips use a pink lipgloss and apply it onto your lips until you're happy with how it looks. Now grab your favorite shimmery eyeshadow and apply it to the middle of your lips. Now just blend by rubbing your lips together.

Step 6: Now You're Finally Done!

Take a couple pretty pictures and admire your beautiful self!

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