Easiest String Doll

Introduction: Easiest String Doll

The weekend can bring a bord child and parent(s) to a fight, or it can bring them closer together! With this easy 30min to an hour (depending on decorative details) doll you and your child will be crafty and closer!

Step 1: Supplies

Elmer's school glue Sewing pins(not tacks AKA push pins) Embroidery thread Mouse pad or foam Time Little black beads, google eyes, or sequins!

Step 2: Start With the Pins

First you need o take 6 pins and form a body. Like picture tip pin is head right is right arm ect.

Step 3: Begin Your Wrapping

Leave a 8 inch free end for later use. Start with the left leg and wrap 4 to 5 times and loop around the middle pin once.

Step 4: Contine

Go to right leg, then right arm, head, finally finishing with left arm. Remember wrap 4 to 5 times and don't forget to loop once around the middle pin before continuing to next limb!!!!!

Step 5: Simple Knots

Here is the harder part of the doll simple knots half and half each limb and bring free thread through and get the other thread connected to your ball of thread and tie a knot. Next go under and knot twice continue this through out the whole thing all around! Once you have knotted it all cut the free string off.

Step 6: Pulling the Pins!

BE GENTLE! If you did it correctly your dolls body will hold if you messed up it will be a pile of string! :D

Step 7: Half Way There!

Begin with the right arm add a little glue and wrap until its as big as you want and go on to the right leg, left leg, and finish with the left arm!

Step 8: Body

Now we wrap the body you can make him/her/it fat skinny odd! Whatever! Note: I have NOT wrapped the head just yet.

Step 9: Head

Now that everything is done we can wrap the head! Start out like when you wrapped a limb! And the wrap over and over in the middle and once it looks close like picture 3 go all random! You can make the head any size!

Step 10: Touch Ups

Cut two inches and glue to body. Put a little glue on the head and smooth out so this strings won't come undone.

Step 11: Decorative Details

Add eyes, clothes, and Voila!

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