Easiest Way to DE-Rust Chrome




Introduction: Easiest Way to DE-Rust Chrome

What you need/ I used:

  • dremel
  • brass flap wheel
  • rusted chrome

Step 1: Find Rusted Chrome

So here is my rusted chrome, dremel (rotary tool), and brass flap wheel.

My flap wheel seems a little cheap or I hope there is a better quality one because the little bristles started flying out after awhile. I'm gonna go buy another that hopefully won't do that, which is why you should make sure to wear safety gear (at least safety glasses).

Step 2: Turn on the Rotary Tool

Not much to this one just turn it on and "apply", be careful though because it will scratch up softer metals (I believe aluminum is one) but it shouldn't hurt harder metals (such as steel) it also takes off paint so be careful what you use it on or rather how close you get to it. If you need to get right next to some paint or other possibly affected material (from the flap wheel) then I suggest using a toothbrush and baking soda. Make a sort of toothpaste (mixing baking soda and water) and start "brushing". I haven't tried it but scratching off paint with a toothbrush? To make it easier you can get an electric toothbrush and then you won't have to do so much work!



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    I use Coke & a rag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7OdX42NjWQ

    That method would also scratch soft metals... Like chrome?

    1 reply

    If you use a different flap wheel material like steel then yes it scratches the chrome up

    Another tip: I used vinegar. I wrap a piece of rug with vinegar, I live over night and the next day I just used a steelwood to remove the left over of rust

    white vinegar always works for me.

    A sobering thought to see how strong the phosphoric acid is in Coke. One look at the MSDS, and I have not drank cola or Dr./Mr. whatever for several years. A very effective de-liming product; does that in the skeleton as well-quite effectively!

    A product called Flitz works wonders as well. For heavy rust a scotch brite pad makes quick work of it.

    Before I bother getting brass bristles in my eyes and bare the noise for hours I take some good old coke and aluminium foil.
    If there is no coke phosphoric acid (rut remover) gives similar results.
    And since the aluminium is much softer than the steel or chrome there is no abresion or scratching, so no endless polishing when done either.
    Just seeing the stripped brass wheel makes me wonder when the safety message is added to wear proper googles and gloves....

    I don't know about the Coke, but I have used aluminum foil, and it does something for rusted chrome.

    For years on my bikes I have used Lemon Pledge and fine steel wool or scotch pads. Spray on, work it out, and wipe off with a rag.

    Nice Job!

    Another easy way to clean up rusted or pitted chrome is to spray WD40 or other penetrating oil liberally onto a 0000 steel wool pad, and start rubbing. Once all the rust has been dissolved, just wipe it clean.