Easiest Webcam As a Security Cam - Motion Detection and Emailed Pictures




HTML5 has advanced to the point that you no longer need to download or program anything to get motion detected pictures straight from your webcam to your email. Simply use your browser. Use an up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Opera browser on Windows, Mac, or Android to capture the pictures and send them to your email. Even an old Android phone can be used as long as it can connect to the internet.

Step 1: Open the Webcam App in Your Browser

Visit the following page with your browser. This is where the webcam app is hosted: https://pixeltwenty.com/picstoemail.html

Step 2: Enter Your Email Address

The email address you enter will receive the captured pictures as JPG email attachments.

Step 3: Set the Motion Detection Option and Grant Camera Rights

Select the "Motion is detected" option on the web page. The browser will then ask your permission to use your camera. You will need to give the browser permission in order to capture pictures.

If everything is working, the camera view will show up in the "Camera" box. As motion is detected, the captured picture will show up in the "Captured" box and that is the picture that is sent to the email address you entered.

You can also adjust the motion sensitivity using the dropdown box on the web page if desired.

Step 4: Check Your Email!

If your pictures do not show up in your email, be sure to also check your spam folder and mark the emails as not spam if found there. If you are using gmail and you are sending lots of pictures, gmail sometimes does not scan the pictures for viruses and instead displays a message that the attachment has not been scanned for viruses. The attachments are your jpg pictures and can still be viewed safely even if the gmail virus scanner gets behind.



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    1 year ago

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing your webcam idea!