Easiest Wire Buzzer Game Ever!

The Wire Buzzer Game is an old favorite. How steady is your hand, can you finish the course without touching the wire?

The idea: The Multimeter is a versatile testing device that any diy electronics experimenter should have in their toolkit. It has a circuit testing setting, where when the wires touch it makes a buzzing sound. Perfect for the Wire Buzzer Game. If you don’t have one you can buy it on Aliexpress for next to nothing.


1. Wire (from any hardware store)

2. Box cardboard and tape

3. Crocodile clips x 2 (from Aliexpress)

4. Multimeter (from Aliexpress)

5. Small piece of dowel for a handle

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Step 1:

Cut your piece of box cardboard to size, a long piece that gets folded over on both sides into the middle. Also, cut the wire to the right length and twist it into a challenging shape.

The hand held loop is made with wire, and taped to the dowel handle. Make a small loop to attach the crocodile clip.

Step 2:

Take the long piece of twisted wire and stick the ends through the
cardboard. Make sure to thread the hand held loop first. Now twist the two ends of the wire into a circle to make it stand up, and bend the cardboard over to cover the bottom:

Step 3:

Clip the other crocodile clip to either end of the long twisty wire,
then tape up the box (you could use staples for this also).

Step 4:

Nearly done! Now clip the other ends of the crocodile clips to the two terminals of the multimeter.

Step 5:

Finished! Switch the Multimeter to circuit test setting.

Step 6:

Wire buzzer game in action video.

Check out circusscientist.com for more fun electronics projects!

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