Easily Double the Power Output of a L293D Motor Driver Board

Introduction: Easily Double the Power Output of a L293D Motor Driver Board

An Easy Way to Double The Current Capacity of the KEYES L293D Motor Control Shield Motor Drive Expansion Board for Arduino (This method should work for any L293D chips)
This is a quick and easy method to double the current available on this board!

What you will need: 2 x L293D chips.

Soldering Iron and solder.

So the whole idea is to solder another L293D chip directly on top of the current one. Pin for pin of course This puts the two chips in parallel so the voltage will remain the same but the amperage doubles. These chips are rated at about 600ma continuous or up to 1.2A for a short period. Now they will handle 1.2A continuous and 2.4A for short periods.

Not sure how many of these you can stack before it becomes redundant. If you are experimenting with this and find out please let me know. Many thanks!



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    This way of piggy-back ICs reminds me of my old Atari days where I had to add memory this way, bending address pins away and free-solder them elsewhere.

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    That is cool!

    I had an Atari 400, a 600 and an 800.

    I loved the Atari and I leaned basic programming on it. Wish I still had mine!

    I had the 1040STF. It might still be stowed somewhere in my parent's house. I used it to write my diploma with 1st Write. That time the IBM-boxes were only shipped with DOS and this one had a nice GUI already. It also had really nice games :-) I remember an air hockey game which was very challenging.

    So smart!