Easily Mowable Archery Range




today I will be teaching you how to build an archery range that you can easily now around.

Step 1: Materials

-PVC pipe ( I used 3/4 inch)
-T joint for the size pipe you use
-coupling for the pipe size you chose
-some sort of measuring device( I measured a piece of string at 10 yards to use)
- PVC pipe cutters

Step 2: Cutting Your Pipe

cut your PVC pipe 1 ft long at an angle on one end. this will be you stake.

now cut a piece of pipe at the height you want your yard markers to be.

Step 3: Add Fittings

add a coupling to each stake.

add a T joint to each yard marker.

glue and primer if you want.

Step 4: Drive Stake Into Ground

Step 5: Put Marker On

Step 6: Finished

to mow pull out the markers from the stakes and then mow over the stakes. after that put the markers back into the stake part.

Step 7: Paint (optional)

Step 8: Please Vote for Me in the Hand Tools Only and Hunter Gatherer Contest



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