Easily Operate Android Phone Using Mouse | Control Your Smartphone With Mouse | Hindi Tutorial

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बिगड़ी हुई टच स्क्रीन वाले मोबाइल को कैसे इस्तेमालकरे ??
It is water damaged xiaomi redmi 4a. it's touch was not working and I need to take backup of data. so I connect Usb mouse using OTG cable and operate mobile to take backup of my data.

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Step 1: Android Device With Damaged/Not Working Touchscreen

mobile who's touchscreen was damaged / Not Working

Step 2: Computer Mouse (Wired or Wireless)

use your ordinary computer mouse

Step 3: Use OTG Cable to Connect Mouse With Android Mobile

OTG cable required

Step 4: Operate Your Mobile Using Mouse.

No need to touch your mobile screen. If your mobile touchscreen is damaged / Not working, you can use that mobile using mouse.

best way to use to take backup of the mobile.



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    I wish I had known this trick the last time my phone screen broke. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.