Easily Remove Paper From Silhouette Mat



I recently received a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. For those unfamiliar with these cutter think of it as a printer that cuts instead of print lines. Very detailed patterns can be created. However, the more detailed the image the harder it is to remove little pieces left on the adhesive cutting mat. I have found an effective tool for solving this problem.

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Step 1: Measuring Up

Enter the scale. An Engineering scale is a three sided ruler with different gradations on each side. These are used to measure and create scaled drawings and have can have many uses in craft projects.

To clean the mat simply hold the scale firmly at the bottom of the mat and slide it to the top while pressing gently. The sides of the scale form the perfect angle for removing the paper.

As an added bonus the scale can be used to press paper or other material firmly to the mat. Hope this helps extend the usefulness of your Silhouette mat.

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