Easter Bunny Bowl




For Easter I made a bowl to hold my Easter candy. A free template pattern is available for download.

Please also watch the video on YouTube about this build and subscribe to my channel!

Step 1: Print Out the Template

First I printed out my template pattern. Be sure to print it with 100% scale and not fit to size.

It will print on multiple pages and hat to be taped or glued together.

Step 2: Creating the Template

I glued the template on an piece of MDF and cut everything out on my scroll saw.

Step 3: Preparing the Stock

I looked through my lumber storage and found two pieces of spruce. Unfortunately they were not big enough to cover the whole bowl, so I decided to make it out of two different species. As second type of wood I used two scrap pieces of laminated beech.

Step 4: Remove Material With Forstner Bits

I used the template to draw the contour on both pieces separately and used Forstner bits of different sizes to remove the majority of the wood. This produced a lot of chips.

Step 5: Remove Material Using a Router

The next step was to attach the template to the stock and use the router to remove the rest in several passes.

Step 6: Cut the Shape

I cut the outline on the band saw. You may also use a scroll saw for that.

Step 7: Sanding and Finishing

After a lot of tweaking and sanding both pieces were finished with a 1:4 wax mineral oil mixture.

Step 8: Result



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4 Discussions


3 years ago

It looks great, bit how many of us normal people have access to all those tools to make it properly? I think its amazingly done though! Good Job

3 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Thank you! First of all everyone can have these tools. Most of them cost under 100 bucks. Second it is not the tool what make the things. You could make it with a fretsaw and a carving gouge if you want, but the more tools, the quicker the build is. I would recommend at least to use a router with the mentioned bit and a jigsaw for all cuts.


Reply 2 years ago

Didn't mean to come across rude. I really thought it was amazing. I understand the tools just make it easier.


Reply 2 years ago

I know, neither did I. I just wanted to encourage you and other people who read this to make stuff and not to make excuses because of the lack of tools, you know? Thanks for the opportunity to do that.