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About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

Do you know the Easter Bunny Tale?:) It's so EGG related:P!! They say a beautiful bird with a wonderful song was living in a forest somewhere in Germany. One year, the fairy Eastera found the little bird so wounded that she had to transform it into a rabbit in order to save her life. But that rabbit was a special one, because it could still have eggs. The next year, the fairy received the most beautiful present from the bunny: ornated eggs.

So, starting from this tale, or legend i had a challenge this year to complete - and this is how i did it. I've decided to start with a basket. But it's not just an ordinary barket, it's the nest of the bird from the legend.. You can see it from the colours: brown, green, yellow.. and the up part(handle) like a branch with small flowers. I've used acrilic yarn, and the hook was nr.7 (7mm).I've worked in rounds, with single crochet, except from the border, where i've alternated sc with hdc and dc (but you can make whatever combination suits you best at the border).The little flowers are made with 2.5mm hook -and i've made each time another pattern (which i've never wrote down, because i had no time) - but the idea is i've started with a magic loop, and crocheted some sc and after that, in rounds, i've made the petals(and it depends, if you have like 6 sc  than you get 3 petals and so on).

The EGGS, of course. I had a plastic EGG model (green one) and used it to have an idea of the universal size. I've worked with hook no. 4 (4mm) and cotton (medium size). Each EGG has a different pattern (invented on the moment). The first one was the little yellow baby bird, next i've made the pink bunny, the grey-violet sheep and three(different) red EGGS (for you know the Christians are painting the eggs red and i've decided to make myself some red eggs without painting them:D).

And what is a legend without the main character, of course the BUNNY:P. I've made it from cotton (inside and outside), with the hook 2.5mm (and it took like forever). I love to invent little amigurumi dolls and toys, but i never get the time to note down all the steps. However i've worked all the body in one piece (starting with the legs), except for the hands, tail, ears, and the front part of his head -which i've added later.I've used SC (single crochet). And he has a pinafore.

I've ended the project with 2 more egg clothes: the red-yellow-blue one (as the colours of my country's flag:P) and a pastel one (which reminds me of an ice cream).

For the Egg clothes: you start with a magic loop. Than you SC like 6sc (i've always started with 6 on this project because it suited the cotton and the hook).Then you start to increase (+6 in my case on each line; you can repeat twice a line if you feel like doing it). I've worked up to 36sc (the most), but each model i've made is different..... If you want a simple model (like the ice cream one, but in single colour) it would be pretty much like this: magic loop-6sc-12sc-18sc-24sc-30sc-36sc-36sc-36sc-30sc-30sc-30sc-30sc-30sc (and if you feel like doing 1-2 rows you can do it). And you can improvise on it a lot.

Well, hope you have great holiday and i wish you all Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

ps: The unpainted eggs i've used to make the first 2 photos are smaler than an average egg.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Esti o scumpa! Sunt atat de frumoase si cu icoana langa ele!
    Dumnezeu sa te aiba in paza pe tine si ai tai!
    Corina din Cluj

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Si eu iti doresc la fel tie si familiei tale!! :)
    Si iti multumesc pentru ca mi-ai inseninat ziua :)!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for commemorating the pagan roots of the traditions we still hold onto today - though most may not even know about them :p

    I celebrated my 'Easter' some weeks back - at the Equinox ;)

    1 reply