Easter DIY - How to Make 3 Different Egg Candles




Introduction: Easter DIY - How to Make 3 Different Egg Candles

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I'll show you how to make:

  • an egg candle using a real egg as a mold
  • an egg shell votive candle
  • an egg candle using a candle mold

These candles look great as Easter decoration! Of course you can also burn them and they make wonderful gifts. It's a fun craft to do by yourself, with friends or as a family activity.

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Step 1: General Materials & Melting the Wax

Materials needed

  • stove
  • table protection
  • bowl
  • wooden spoon
  • strainer
  • two pots that fit into each other
  • pot holder
  • paper towels
  • left over candles or crayons
  • paper tissues
  • Optional: fire blanket (for safety)

Melting the wax

  • Fill the big pot with water, put on the stove and let boil.
  • Place the smaller pot inside of the big pot.
  • Put the left over candles or crayons in the small pot and let melt while stirring regularly.

Cleaning the wax

If you're using left over candles that have burned or crayons that have been used, the wax will need to be purified. If you're using new candles or crayons, you may skip this step.

  • Place a strainer in an empty pot.
  • Remove the top layer of the tissue and place into the strainer.
  • Pour your melted wax through.
  • The impurities will now be in the tissue paper and you'll be left with clean wax.
  • Remove the tissue paper.
  • Tip: Handy tips on how you can easily clean the pot and strainer are shown in the video.

Step 2: Egg Candle Made With a Real Egg As a Mold

Materials needed

  • egg
  • bowl
  • candle wick
  • thick & thin needle
  • tape
  • piece of paper
  • play dough
  • egg holder (optional)

Prepare the egg

  • Make a hole in the bottom of the egg with the small needle and poke around to break the yolk.
  • Make a hole in the top of the egg with the bigger needle.
  • Blow the bottom hole until the egg is completely empty.
  • Rinse the egg shell on the outside as well as on the inside.

Melt & clean your wax

Follow step 1.

Make the candle

Cut your wick to the right size and dip it into the wax. This will make it easier to insert it into the egg.

  • Put the waxed wick through your egg shell.
  • Place a piece of tape onto the bottom wick and then cover it with play dough. Be careful, because the empty egg shell is very fragile!

  • Roll a funnel out of paper and place into the top hole of the egg. Make the hole bigger if you have to.
  • Now carefully pour the wax into the funnel until it spills over and remove the funnel. Make sure the wax is not too hot.

  • When wax cools, it shrinks, leaving a hole in the top of your egg.
  • Remelt your left over wax and fill the hole.

  • Let cool and repeat these steps until the hole is completely filled and no longer shrinks.
  • When the wax is completely hardened, you can peel the egg. This part is so much fun!
  • You'll see some white residue of the membrane on the candle. Just rub it off with your hand.

  • Trim your wick in the top and cut it in the bottom.
  • Finished! You can now display the egg candle in a beautiful egg holder.

Tip: If you want your candle to be able to stand on it's own, find out how to do that in the instructions for candle 3.

Step 3: Egg Shell Votive Candle

Materials needed

  • wick with a metal bottom plate
  • hot glue gun
  • knife
  • bowl
  • needle/stick
  • egg holder

Prepare the egg

  • Break the top part of the egg with a knife.
  • Pour the inside of the egg into a bowl.
  • Peel the egg shell until you get the desired shape.

  • Remove the membrane of the egg.
  • Rinse.

Melt & clean your wax

Follow step 1.

Make the candle

  • Secure the wick into the egg shell using a hot glue gun.
  • Pour the wax into the egg shell.The wax temperature doesn't matter as there is no hole in the egg shell.

  • Make sure your wick is somewhat centered by using a needle or a stick.
  • Let cool.
  • Finished! You can now display your egg shell candle in a beautiful egg holder.

Step 4: Egg Candle Using a Candle Mold

Materials needed

  • egg shaped candle mold
  • tape
  • stick
  • candle wick
  • optional: egg holder, aluminum paper

Prepare the mold

  • Pull the wick through the mold.
  • Tie the bottom part of the wick to a stick and rest it in the slits of the mold.
  • Pull the wick tight and keep in place with tape. Use more tape to seal the hole.
  • Cut the wick.

Make the candle

  • Place the mold on a flat surface.
  • Pour in a little bit of the (somewhat cooled) wax and check if it spills in the bottom.
    • If it doesn't spill, you can slowly pour the rest of the wax in.
    • If it does spill, your wax is either too hot or the tape wasn't positioned correctly. Wait until the wax left inside the mold hardens and covers the hole that way. Then carefully pour in the rest of the wax.
  • Wax shrinks when it hardens, so just as with the first candle, you'll need to keep filling the hole in the bottom until there is not longer a hole left when the candle has hardened completely.

  • Remove the tape and the stick first.
  • The easiest way to remove the mold is by twisting the mold parts seperately.

  • If you'd like your candle to be able to stand on it's own, turn on your stove, place a piece of aluminum foil on it and melt the bottom.

  • You can clean your mold with dish soap and water.
  • All done!

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