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Introduction: Easter Egg Apron

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What you'll need:

- 3/4 a yard of white bottom weight fabric

- 4" scraps of 6 different pattern fabrics for the eggs (cotton)

- 1/4 a yard of a homespun fabric for the basket pockets

- 1/2 a yard of the waist band fabric (cotton)

- 4" of medium weight fusible interfacing

- 1 yard of lace trim for the bottom of the apron

- 1/3 yard of trim for the baskets

- White thread

- A sewing machine

- Some time

(sounds like a lot of materials, but buying such small pieces and getting sales you can make this entire project with just $10!)

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Step 1: Cut Out All the Pieces

The white apron:

This piece is almost half of a circle skirt. Take the measurement of your waist and 1/4 it since the apron only goes half way around your body and we will be cutting on a fold. Fold the white fabric you are using and sketch out just less than a quarter circle (what I did was cut out the quarter circle then trimmed it down to the size that I thought looked best). The length of your apron is up to you but I made mine 18".

The eggs and basket pockets:

For each 4" strip of cotton pattern you will cut out 2 identical eggs. The total eggs you will have is 6 and each will be 2 pieces. Make the eggs slightly larger than you want them to be since we will loose some of their size due to seam allowances.

The basket pockets will be from the 1/4 a yard of homespun fabric. Cut out 4 identical pieces large enough to hold all the eggs and again keep in mind your seam allowance. the pockets will be doubled as well to add extra strength.

Step 2: Hem the Entire Apron

Sew a straight hem along all sides of the white apron piece. Along the curved bottom of the apron sew on the lace trim that you chose to embellish your apron with.

Step 3: Preparing the Eggs

Place the two egg pieces WRONG side together then sew around the egg smoothly and leaving an inch wide opening at the bottom. Then turn the egg inside out and press with an iron, tuck the part that was not sew in and iron it so that it is not visible.

Repeat this process for all 6 eggs!

Step 4: Prepare the Pockets

Place two pieces of the basket WRONG side together and sew around the curved part (leaving the top unsewn). Next turn the piece inside out and press with an iron. For the top edge tuck in the fabric so that it wont fray and pin the trim piece along the top edge of the basket. Now sew a straight line down the center of the trim piece (you are creating the hem AND adding the trim).

Repeat this step for the other pocket as well.

Step 5: Deciding Where You Want Your Pockets

First decide where the baskets will be on your apron. Make sure they are even on both sides by folding the apron in half and lining them up with each other. Once you are satisfied with the baskets pin them in place and set up how you would like the eggs to look in each pocket. When you have decided, pin the eggs in place and take the baskets off of the apron (we will be sewing the eggs in place first) but be sure to leave a marker where you wanted the baskets to be.

Step 6: Sew on the Eggs and Pockets

Starting with the egg on the bottom layer, sew around the egg completely so that it is stable on the apron. Sew the overlapping eggs on top of each other as well. Once the eggs are secure place the basket back on the apron and sew around the curved part of the pocket 3X for security.

Repeat this step for both pockets and all the eggs.

Step 7: Attaching the Waist Band

*This portion of the project is a little bit more difficult and might take 2-3 tries to get it right*

From the 1/2 yard of waist band fabric cut out a rectangle piece that is 8" by 1/2 your waist measurement. Likewise cut the interfacing so that it is 4" by 1/2 your waist measurement. You will now place the interfacing on the 8" rectangle waist piece and fold it over so that the correct side the of fabric is shown and the interfacing is not visible. Iron the piece and then sew a straight seam along the top and the bottom of the fabric (first image in the step).

Now you will cut the ties, these can be whatever length you would like but the width should be the same as the waist bands width. Cut on a fold with the right sides of the fabric together and sew along the entire piece leaving the end unsewn. Turn the tie inside out and press with an iron. Now we will attach the tie to the waist band, I simply folded the band over and pinned the two together then sewed across them 3X for strength.

Finally all you need to do is attach the apron to the waist band! simply center is and sew the two together!

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