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Introduction: Easter Eggs With Lego

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My wife helps the local school support group with things like bun sales, fairs, bingo etc and as I have been uploading a number of guides of late, she wanted me to share one of the tricks she uses to help when making Chocolate lollies, sweets etc.

When there's a sale on she will sometimes make up to about 80 sweets, which quickly fills the fridge. To make all that and wait between batches for the chocolate to set would take for ever, so she "borrows" some of our sons Lego and uses it to separate the molds.

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Step 1: Start by :-

.................. Getting the things you need together, these are:-

  • Chocolate (she likes milk) and finds that the supper market own brand melts the best
  • A suitable mold - as its Easter shes made mini eggs to use as part of the school egg hunt
  • Fridge
  • Something to melt the Chocolate
  • and of course Lego - for this lot she used the four dot square bricks (2 stacked together to make a small post.

The size of the brick you use and the numbers will depend on the mold and the spacing you need in your fridge

Start by melting the Chocolate and when ready use a teaspoon to put the right amount in each of the molds - then tap the mold on a table to remove air and to level out the surface.

Step 2: The LEGO Spacers

When the mold is full and you have filled more to stack on top place the Lego Legs in suitable places on the mold so that they do not touch the sweets, but also so that they hold the next mold (which you will then place on top) away from the surface of the chocolate below.

Place the full stack into the fridge and wait for the chocolate to set before packaging or better still eating the eggs Take a look at the last two pictures they show the full stacks in the fridge.


At no time was any Lego block injured in the making of this guide,

and all were returned to our son on completion

Thanks for looking.
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    3 Discussions

    nic nak
    nic nak

    6 years ago

    I can guarantee, with two boys aged 6 & 3, Lego blocks can indeed be injured. Why use the Lego separators Mummy bought when you have teeth?


    6 years ago

    You can't injure a Lego block. The lego block usually injures you! haha. Great tip, thanks for sharing!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for liking the tip, and yes we know all too well Lego can be lethal especially is stood on... :-)