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This is more like a showcase than an instruct able, the basic concept here is to collect eggs, clean them up, fill them with confetti and paint them. Have fun with it.
As you can see they various styles that use. I Trace them with pencils,use acrylic paint, markers and even temporary tattoos.

Step 1: Hand Drawn Easter Eggs

The first step is to collect the shells. If you plan on doing massive quantities like me. Ask for help from family and friends or meet a cook or a chef that can give you the shells.

Make sure to wash them and let them dry before you fill them with confetti or flour.

After you do that you can use a colored pencil to sketch the image you want. I usually make popular characters that will look great in eggs.

After you have a whole cartoon or dozen sketched I plan the colors I will be using. THis helps me work on them faster. For example on the minions I start with the yellows, if the yellow covers most of the egg I use a brush and acrylics. It is is a minion with an action pose I use a marker.

After that I do the blues and silvers leaving the dark colors to the end.

**** Remember it is easier to paint over a light color than a dark one.

Many times the characters are not perfect, but this is often masked because of the group as a whole. Of course the more practice you have the better they come out.

The same process is used with all the other characters.

Remember be creative you do not want for all your drawings to have the same face or pose.

I love seeing kids mimic the faces when they find their Easter eggs!

Step 2: Tattoo Easter Eggs

This year I kind of cheated, I often draw the whole collection but this year was harder for me. I read about temporary tattos on eggs. I used one and did not work, I ordered a special paper online and this worked marvelously. I also got some from party stores and gifts shops with popular characters. Of course they looked plain so I decorated them with matching colors and coordinated them as a group. Some even have Easter patterns.

I loved the look and honestly they take around the same time to make.

Step 3: Paper Mache and Special Orders.

The nonbreakable materials are becoming so popular. Since many of my fans and customers buy them and do not break them. I opted to make some in paper mache. This is another alternative to regular shells and honestly more receptive to paints. for these I used Copic markers and Acrylics. and as you can see they are more detailed.

The most important thing is to have fun and share the joy of seeing our children;s favorite characters in their Easter eggs.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    That's some awesome work there! I really need to give this a try together with my kids ;-) Good job!


    3 years ago



    3 years ago on Introduction

    Im a little confused. It sounds as though you are using real egg shells, or are they the plastic ones? How do you collect them with out them being all broken up after they have been emptied, if they are real?

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I use real eggs. It takes practice to break the egg in a way that it makes a minimal hole. I have seen several tutorials on how some people use pins and nails but I could never do that.

    We either hit the pointed side of the egg in a corner or with a knife, then we peal the cracked piece out and we empty the egg and wash it.

    I also purchase paper mache eggs and some plastic ones. I do not like the plastic ones much because the paint does not hold that well.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I did 80 dozen this year, the most I have made in a year is 150 dozen.