Easter Peeps Jousting





Introduction: Easter Peeps Jousting

This is a fun, exciting sport great for easter parties of penny gambling with friends. This is a simple and fun project to do with young kids. It only takes about five minutes.

Step 1: Materials

The Materials you will need are:
1. 2 Peeps
2. 2 Toothpicks
3. 2 Napkins
4. A Microwave
5. A Friend

Step 2: Assemble Jousters

For this step all you need to do is insert one of the toothpicks into each peep fairly low on the peep. Make sure it is parallel to the table, etc.

Step 3: Place in Microwave

Place the two peeps on the napkins in the microwave. Face them at each other fairly close to each other but not touching.

Step 4: Set Time and Enjoy

Set the time on the microwave to around 40 seconds. watch and be amazed at what happens to each. Bet on which one you think will win (by win we mean stabs the other one before being stabbed). Take them out of the microwave and eat them quickly or else they will harden up and it is like eating a rock.



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    My friend in London never heard of graham crackers or s'mores. Every country is different & has its own special foods. Deal with it people! The USA isn't the center of the world!

    So you put the stick kind of low?

    I have to wonder exactly how you have never bitten into the sweet fattening sugar rush inspiring deliciousness of a peeps marshmallow chicken.

    It's a virtually indestructable marshmallow substance that comes in array of animals/objects. Leave an open package on the counter for a few days and they will get hard enough to break windows/give concussions.

    You have a marshmallow covered in colored suger in the shape of a chick aka baby chicken. They are sold in lines of 5 normaly 1 line per box. Best eaten frozen, fresh, chocolate covered, multiple boxes at once, etc..

    You my friend are the most deprived person I have ever met...

    Hahaha, that's so cool! Great job, I really feel like drinking milk right now for some reason. +1 rating.

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    Notice the green and rotten teeth in this kid... (jk, your teeth aren't bad, just for laughs)