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Come Easter don't just die eggs and eat them.  Blow them so they can be saved until an overly curious (and clumsy) child happens by. The eggs pictured here aren't just my creations, they represent a small sampling of eggs made by my family members (and friends) over decades.  Some are more than 40 years old! Even when they break we don't always throw these eggs out. We have quite a few Humpty Dumpties in our collection: my father has more patience than all the King's men. I hope these will inspire you to experiment and have lots of fun.

At the end of the slideshow there's a pictures of egg blowing: you can make a hole just the size of a pin prick on top, and a slightly larger hole at the bottom, by poking through the shell with a pin then chipping it to enlarge the opening. Blow through the pin prick, then if the yolk gives you a hard time, jab the pin up the bottom to break it up. Prepare for Easter by making lots of pound cakes (because they require tons of eggs which do not need to be separated), and by blowing eggs till your jaws ache and your heads feel light. It's definitely worth the pain. 



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    Thanks! I display them either in small cups or on plates or shallow bowls with rice, lentils or other small dry grains. Then I store them in egg cartons stacked inside a plastic container in the basement.

    Yep, very cool way to do Easter eggs. You can also use an air compressor instead of blowing with your mouth to forgo the headache and sore jaws if you'll be doing lots of these. Haha :) Start on a low setting and use a needle fitting similar to what you would use to blow up footballs, volleyballs, etc. Works like a charm.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love all of these. So Cool! Voted for you in the "I made it Photo Contest" :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this one is my fave:

    but all your work is wonderful an unique:)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would have put more notes on the pictures, but that feature is incredibly buggy, most of the time it won't save the comment I've written -- so if you have questions about individual eggs, please ask!