Easter Eggs Dyed With Onion Skins and Ferns





Introduction: Easter Eggs Dyed With Onion Skins and Ferns

I followed the instructions given by wrique in this instructable using ferns and red onions. We also tried using iris petals, carrots, parsley, Japanese Kerria, Mahonia, and ice plants.

Step 1: Using Different Plants

We followed wrique's instructions but used purple iris petals, carrot peelings, Japanese Kerria, Mahonia, and parsley in addition to the red onions. The Kerria, Mahonia, ice plant, and carrots had no real color affect on the eggs, but they did leave some cool stenciled designs. The parsley and purple iris left some color.

Step 2: Finished Eggs



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    Just like my mother used to do! I also recommend taking a needle and ecthing patterns into the eggs. They turn out beautifully (if you are careful!)

    1 reply

    Emu eggs are a midnight green with a lighter coloring underneath. They would respond quite well to a needle etching.

    Neat. I have seen a number of books on natural dyes, including one on dyes from Mushrooms. It was called "Mushrooms for color".


    12 years ago

    Stunning! I am only sorry I found it the week AFTER Easter. You should also add the "idea" tag, and a tag that is the name of the base project. See the instructables blog.


    12 years ago

    Wow, your eggs turned out awesome! I love all the variations you were able to get with all the different plants you experimented with. Terrific job! Happy Easter!