Easy 10-Minute Macro Lens for Eyetoy/Webcam

Introduction: Easy 10-Minute Macro Lens for Eyetoy/Webcam

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This Instructable will give you a detailed precise and clearful wording and pictures in 10-minor minutes you will have an easy to use easy to make easy to remove macro lens for your Eyetoy/Webcam.

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Step 1: The Supplies

Here is where we learn the material needed to produce said macro lens. First a device with the lens that you make this with cd players, dvd players, and computers have said lens, but they also will be useless after this so find one thats expendable. Safety scissors for safety. A knife. A bottle of water with a white cap with the weird inside rim, and last but not least a bottle of everyday glue.

Step 2: Cutting the Rim!!!!!

Now we have finally gotten the materials together I suppose. Right then take the cap off the bottle sit the cap down and take a sip. Well done your you just drank water. Now take the cap and using the knife cut two vertical cuts on the outside rim at first use a sawing motion but once youve got a tiny little ridge apply pressure to the knife and it should glide right down. IMPORTANT!!!!! DO NOT CUT THE INSIDE RIM!!!!! now using your fingers bend the flap that you just cut on the rim down and cut off with the safety scissors now cut all around the edge until the inside rim becomes the outside rim and there is no inside rim.

Step 3: Acquiring the Lens!!!!!!

Okay First before you do anythign take the batteries out i am not liable fi you get shocked!!!!!!!! Now go to where the lens is at which is usually where the cd goes take your knife and pry the whole thing out. Then take the knife and right at the egde of the lens press down to make it pop out take care not to scratcht the lens..

Step 4: The Holes Have Eyes!!!!

Now using your knife make a hole a little smaller than the size of your lens then using the knife and scissors try to make it as flat as possible. Now take a sip.

Step 5: The Final Sip.

Now using the glue and tweasers (optional) place the lens cap over the hole on the ouside and surround it wiht glue on the edges. Now take a sip. Let dry. Don't litter. Stay in school. Your done!!!!!!!

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You need new pictures with the lights turned on.

    That said, why does the eyetoy need a macro lens? Its focus can be adjusted to very close already.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    USELESS go back and put frog in another room and re-make.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Why the red filter n tutorial pics, These pics should be as clear as possible? You may have a good point but I can't tell from the pics.....

    mysterious ninja of fire
    mysterious ninja of fire

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Technically it isnt a filter you see usually id open ym windows in my room when i take pictures for better lighting because i have a light bulb that i use bacuse my albino frog is in ym room and his eyes are sensitive to bright light so i use a very dim light bulb and that red filter you are seeing is comign from ym webcam you see i nhave an eyetoy setup as a webcam so when it is streaming the red light bulb turns on and thats why the lighting is red but it is not because of a filter its because it was night time