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Introduction: Easy Throw Pillow.

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Here is a pillow that is very easy to make and it's cute too!

Step 1: Supplies

For this pillow you are going to need:
- Parchment paper for your pattern
- Tape measure
- Ruler
- Paper and fabric scissors/ rotary cutter
- Rotary mat
- Iron
- Pins
- Seam ripper
- Wax ( for marking your fabric)
- Thread
- Poly Stuffing

Step 2: Making the Pattern

To make the pattern take parchment paper and roll it out onto a flat surface. Measure out a square whatever size you want your pillow and add 1/2 " for seam allowance. Using the ruler connect the points. Cut out your pattern with paper scissors.( Don't use the scissors that you cut your fabric with, because the paper will make them dull)

Step 3: Fabric

For this pillow, I made it with 2 different patterns, soild and print. To save time I ironed out the fabric and pined them, with right sides together, so that they were even. Then I pined my pattern on. Since I didn't add 1/2" to the pattern, I just alihned it on the fabric 1/2" away from the edges.

Step 4: Cut !

Now you are ready to cut the fabric. Keep the pattern pined to it to make sure that you are cutting straight.

Step 5: Sew Time :)

Okay, now that you have cut out your pillow, walk over to the machine. You're going to sew all 4 sides with 1/2" seams , stopping about halfway on the 4th side.

Step 6: The Corners

Now you should have a square. Taking your scissors, you are going to cut of the edge of the square. Don't cut too close so that your seams come undone, you're just cutting the tip.

Step 7: Next.... STUFF :D

Now, you are going to pull your pillow right side in throught the little opening that you left. Since we want the corners to be nice and pointy, take your facric scissors and with the tip poke out the corners. So now that your pillow is right side in, take your filling and begin to stuff it. You don't want your pillow to be lumpy so before you put the stuffing inside, sort of pull it apart, so that its not compressed. This way it will be a little more even when you're done.  You can stuff it as firm as you would like.

Step 8:

Okay, we're almost done! Now that your pillow is full, fold the top of the opening down so it is even with the other seam, and pin. Now, walk over to your iron and iron those folds down.

Step 9: Closing Up the Gap

Since I used 2 different fabric patterns, Im going to use 2 different color threads to sew it. (I just used black to thread to sew the sides up because it wont show) So now, put the different threads in their appointed place on your machine( bobbin or thread) and sew up the gap. I left a space so that I could get more stuffing in the corner but you dint have to.

Step 10:

If you left the little space in the top( or bottom, or side, or whatever) then read this step if not go to the next.
Okay, so I left the little space and it was kinda difficult for me to sew it on the machine so I did it by hand. If you can get it on the machine, GREAT JOB!!!!

Step 11: Enjoy!

You are finished!!! Doesn't it look great??!! Now you can make your own pillows so easy.
If you have any suggestions on how to do this better, please let me know.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice tutorial! thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!