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In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make my all time favorite candy. I make this recipe like once a month or so.

You will need only 3 ingredients:

Oranges & Sugar

and some water but i think you have that anyways

the amount of ingredients is 1/3 of each (I will explain this later)

Please make sure that your knife is sharp. If not, cutting the white from the orange peel will be very difficult.


  • pan
  • knife (sharp)
  • cutting board
  • A tray
  • baking paper

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Step 1: Clean

Start like me with cleaning up your workplace. And find yourself some organic oranges because we will be eating the peels and normally oranges get sprayed with pesticides.
Even though these are organic, wash the peels thoroughly, I used a brush.

Step 2: Cut

After washing them, cut them in 4 pieces. Then they are big enough and have a nice candy size, but still small enough for you to easily de-white them since the white part gives the bitter taste you want to make sure you cut most of it away .

So first use the knife to cut off most of the white, then use a zest peeler to cut off the rest. Be very careful with this process because you want to use the whole peel so you can have nice and long stripes.

Step 3: Prepare

blanche the peels 3 times for two minutes in fresh boiling water.

After this weigh the peels and add the same amount of weight of sugar and water. Then boil this for like 20-30 min until they are candied.

Put them on a tray and make sure they aren't touching each other. Let them dry for a bit, then add some sugar. Mix thoroughly until it's not sticky anymore.

Step 4: Chocolate Surprise

So who does not like the combination of orange and chocolate? If you don't then this is not for you.

Melt some chocolate and dip the peels in! This is just a very nice addition to the already delicious candy.

I hope you liked this recipe and please let me know what you think of it.

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    7 Discussions


    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 4

    Shouldn't this be called, Candied Orange Peels. i didn't see anywhere about using the flesh.

    1 answer

    7 weeks ago

    I have an additional question, how long should we wait between Blanchings? Should we let them cool completely, or can we just scoop them out and put them into another pot of boiling water? Could you please clarify? Now, this is an awesome thing, I have always wanted to know how to candy Orange peels. Chocolate and fruit is almost always an excellent thing! Many fruit can be dipped in chocolate, heck, a piece of wood bark would taste good with chocolate on it! lol Thank you for sharing this, I will most definitely be trying this out! Cheers!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 weeks ago

    hahaha I totally agree! But still i would skip the bark haha. This recipe can be used with lemons, clementines or grapefruits and all your favorite citrus fruits. Anyways you can put them in fresh boiling water as fast as you want. you just need to refresh the water to get all the nasty stuff out the peels, and since you don't want to cook in that 'bad' water, you have to refresh it

    Let me know what you think about it after you tried it


    7 weeks ago

    Question: In this part of the instructions: "After this weigh the peels and add the same amount of weight of sugar and water." do you mean that a sugar/water mixture should weigh the same as the prepared peels, or should we us an amount of water and an amount of sugar in equal weight to the prepared peels? Thanks!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 weeks ago

    ah I am sorry I wasn't clear what I meant was for example: 50 grams sugar 50 grams orange peel 50 grams water

    Let me know how you liked it! :D


    7 weeks ago

    Yummie, thanks for sharing!