Easy 2 Ingredients Slime Using Glue and Sugar




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Hello, today i'm going to teach you how to make two ingredients simple slime with the activator being sugar. I know that sounds like a weird activator but it really works. SImple results believe me when I tested it out i suprised me too


Step 1: Materials


Powdered Sugar

Something to stir in

Something to stir with

Step 2: Glue

Pour about a cup of glue into the bowl or the thing you are mixing with,these measurements can be adjusted upon how much of slime you want to make. One cup of glue usually makes decent amount of slime.

Step 3: Sugar

Okay, for this part you need a lot of sugar and I mean a lot of sugar. To make the slime semi solid and not sticking to you, you atleast need to like atleast 2-3 cups of sugar in total to make this slime. First start my adding little by little sugar at a time, add little by little sugar atleast 5-7 times if it is still sticking to the bowl, add more until it stops sticking to the bowl and it turns in to slime which you can hold and touch.

Step 4: Results and Preservation

So it worked for me very well, it has a wonderful crystal texture, It is also a little bit sticky because it is sugar but the stickyness will wash away with water. I preserve it in a ziploc bag, but it also be stored in a container. In conclusion this slime was very fun to make and very simple. If you have amy questions please comment them and I will answer.



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2 months ago

ive not tryed it yet but i might but does it acctually wok because i dont want to waste anything


1 year ago

Wow it actually work that is amazing