Easy Acces Slide Out Shelves for Deep Cabinets

Introduction: Easy Acces Slide Out Shelves for Deep Cabinets

There's no any instructions or step-by-step building process here. I just wanted to share the idea.

Some time ago I've got these wardrobe cabinets in my workshop from other part of the house. Soon after this I realized that I have to think about efficient way of organizing stuff in this cabinets. And the reason is they are pretty deep (58cm), so if I would just putted a regular shelves, the stuff hidden deeper would become inaccessible and practically burried alive. So I came up with this idea, which is just a shelves that you can slide out and be able to reach anything you need. I covered shelves with carpeting so that I could put my handplanes without worrying of unsetting them or dulling the blades. Also it keeps everything from sliding around.

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Step 1:

As you can see everything is done very simply. I used a particle boards from old kitchen furniture for shelves and pine planks for rails. I haven't added any stoppers to prevent the shelves from getting of the rails or overtilting because it wasn't an issue for me. But it can be easily done in multiple ways. I'm planning to develope this principle in appliances for other cabinets, and the next times l"ll make a propper instructables. Ask me a question if you like and have a nice shelves.

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