Easy Acid Etching




Ever wanted to etch your knife?
Well here I show you how to do it

Step 1: What You Need

The things you need are:
-vinegar you can use any kind
-sea salt
-2 alligator clips
-9v batery
-razor blade
-cotton swab
-electrical tape
-a small container to hold the vinegar and salt

Step 2: The Acid

Add the vinegar to the small container then put a bit of sea salt in it and stir until most of it is disolved.

Step 3: The Stencil

Take a small piece of electrical tape and cut out the design that you want to etch and then apply it to the piece you want to etch.

Step 4: The Circuit

Its very easy just connect the - from the battery to the piece you wanna etch using a alligator clip, and the +from the battery to a cotton swab using another alligator clip.

Step 5: Actual Etching

First dip the cotton swab connected to the battery in the vinegar and salt. Then just put the swab on your stencil and keep it there until you get the desired effect. You may see some bubbles and smoke but that's normal.

Step 6: The Result

If you have done everything correctly it should come out pretty good. But if it didnt work your battery may be dead. If it still doesnt work when you have a new battery use 2.
This was my first instructable and i hope you like it.



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    3 Discussions

    Alex 2Q

    3 years ago

    Very nice first Instructable thanks for sharing!


    3 years ago

    Great job. I can't wait to try this out. Thank you.


    Welcome to Instructables. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.