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Introduction: Easy Advent Calendar Wreath

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Keeping with tradition, I decided to do an advent calendar again this year. This time I decided to go smaller in size. Most of the goodies and materials are from the dollar store, so over all, very cost effective. This is a fun and easy project that will keep you in the holiday spirit!

Step 1: Materials

A wreath ( I got mine for a dollar at Dollar Tree)

Tissue paper

Twist ties

Goodies (chocolates, beauty products, manicure kit, cocoa, erasers)

Sheet of numbers 1-24

Tape (Not pictured)

Scissors (Not Pictured)

Step 2: Making Numbers

Google for "Advent Calendar Numbers", You will find many free printable sheets in many styles. Print out the style of your choice and cut to size with scissors or a paper trimmer.

Step 3: Cutting Tissue

I used 4 sheets of 20 x 20 tissue. I folded them in half and cut them along the fold. I then folded those sheets in thirds and cut them along the folds. The result was 24 sheets that were 10 in x 6.6 in.

Step 4: Wrapping and Labeling the Gifts

Using the tissue, I wrapped each Item using tape or just a twist tie. I also secured a twist tie with tape on the back of the larger items. I taped the number on to the front of each of the gifts.

I also printed some Holiday Jokes (kid friendly) and taped them on the back of some of the gifts. See the second picture. You can find these by googling jokes for advent calendar.

Step 5: Building the Wreath

Open up the branches on your wreath. Using the twist ties, attach the gifts to the wreath. Arrange to your liking. I chose to go in a random order, so they can have fun searching. You can also arrange it numerically or by the size of the gifts.

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy!

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