Easy Airsoft Target That Catches the Bullets



This is a target for airsoft guns that catch your bullets so you can reuse them


Step 1: Parts and Tools

You need: shoe box, duck tape and scissors

Step 2:

Make an 8 by 8 inch square pad out of duck tape

Step 3:

Add a piece of duck tape to one side of the square

Step 4:

Put the square in the box and tape up all the sides and it should look like the picture and make sure that it is at an angle the the bullets slide down

Step 5:

Now fold up the end of the square so the buckets have a place to stop and make sure you patch up the ends so the bullets don't fall out

Step 6:

On the back of the box you need to put 3 or more layers of duck tape so the bullets don't go through the box

Step 7: Finished Product

Now you can put whatever target you want on the open box and you can shoot at it with your airsoft gun and save your bullets

Step 8: It Works

The bullets don't do through the box and it holds them in the bottom of it



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