Easy Ammo Crate Liquor Cabinet!




Introduction: Easy Ammo Crate Liquor Cabinet!

Starting with the completed photos!

So this is pretty simple! Now that I'm finished, I'll admit it's definitely a little bit trickier than I had initially thought.

my lovely assistant was so proud of this thing!

Easy Ammo Crate Liquor Cabinet!



ammo crate (army surplus stores have them, or ask around with friends)

2 crutches ( pick these up cheap at thrift stores. I paid 4$ for both mine)

at least 4 screws

(if you add shelves, you'll need 4 per shelf, or you could use 4 nails per shelf)

(if you add shelves, you'll also need a board to make them out of)

4 washers that fit the screws


I've seen a lot of ammo crates and there are tons of kinds, but they should all work the same for this project, if they're not way too wide. (Mileage may very!) the size and style of ammo crate might change the size of screws you need, but I used 2 inch ones. I used drywall screws. Ideally you'll find some deck screws, but that's a little over kill.

I've had the idea to use crutches for something for a while now after seeing a photo of a box that Tom Sachs made that incorporated them into the stands, and since I don't own that photo, here's a link to it goo.gl/kVjZ4K

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Step 1: Attach All the Crutches!

as shown in the photo, we just lengthened the crutches all the way, to expose more holes. then took some drywall screws with washers on them to put through the holes and attach the crutches to the box.

for the first screw on each side, we put it on cinder blocks to make it fairly even.

at first we thought the crutches would work best centered on the crate, as shown in the third photo. WRONG! this didn't work out, because it tried to fall forward when the door was open. I tried just replacing the bottom screws so it leaned really far forward at the bottom, but that still didn't help, so we had to move the crutches both forward and re-drill holes.

after some trial and error, we put them as far forward as possible and put a considerable slant on it. I figured if anything was going to fall, I'd prefer it to fall into the back of the cabinet rather than to fall forward. we did have to make sure that the crutch was behind where the door would swing open.

depending on your ammo box, your setup could be very different. with the style of these things, I wouldn't mind putting a hand full of holes in them to keep trying to make sure it sits the way you want it to.

You have to jack with it a bit to find out what's gonna work. another option would be to use three crutches and have the actual bottom pad on the ground and attach them to the sides and back.

the last picture is how we left it.

Step 2: First Shelf! : the Most Intimidating of Shelves.

first put some bottles in. You might start with the tallest bottles to go on the bottom, but since my box was tall, we put them in the middle section.

after putting bottles in, measure the width directly above them. next you'll cut a board to be the shelf. you can use a strip of plywood, or normal dimensional lumber with a 1 or 3 inch measurement.

I had a strip left of an old road barricade, so I thought it would be cool to reuse. Also reminded me of some other Tom Sachs projects.

don't worry about cutting it a hair smaller than needed, I have a cheap trick for getting it to sit in there.

Step 3: First Shelf! : Part Duex

My dirty little trick is just to put screws in through the sides, and have the board sit on top of them.

you could drill pilot holes, and try to get the screws directly in your boards, but I found this to be quick and easy.

At 9:00 at night, you can decide to do things the Right way, or do them the Right Now way

I drilled the holes so the shelf would have just a slight lean backward and measured against the floor to get them pretty even. We then checked with the level just to make sure it wasn't too terribly off. Not Bad!

Step 4: Shelf Two : the Sequal

if you have room for another shelf, it's exactly the same as the first one.

Step 5: Fill With Junk!

After fidgeting with it so much at the beginning, it's pretty dang solid!

shelves turned out great and hold everything I need it to!

Your ammo crate will likely make it a little different, but get creative with it! worst case, you give up and have a cool ammo crate with some weird holes in it to store things under the bed.

Easy Ammo Crate Liquor Cabinet!

what do you think? I can't think of any way to make this thing easier. it took us about 20 minutes tops.

Please vote for me! especially for the box contest!

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    2 years ago

    I would have mounted the crutched, right way up.

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    Nice. I will have to take a look at my local surplus store.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Dude, there's gold in there! there's no telling what good stuff your going to find. worth the trip just to check out the novelty.