Easy and Cheapest Way to Fix LCD TV Backlight.

Introduction: Easy and Cheapest Way to Fix LCD TV Backlight.


  1. LCD TV
  2. Tools to disassemble LCD
  3. SMD LED Non-Waterproof Flexible Strips 5050 DC12V
  4. Wires,Powder & Soldering Iron

Step 1: Disassemble LCD TV

Full disassemble LCD TV To Replace Backlight Using Tools.

Step 2: Work With SMD LED 5050 12v

Divide As your requirement !

Here i am using 22" LCD Display which Required 50cm each Side Top/Bottom (Total 1meter)

solder it with couple of wires.

Step 3: Before Fit SMD LED

Remove the Old Backlight tube!

Step 4: Before Placing SMD LED

Powdered on Flex Gum So you can easily Place SMD LED on it's Place !

Step 5: How to Place SMD LED

Place SMD LED Using Tool See image_

Step 6: How to Power Backlight ?

Powering Backlight is not big problem but there is a issue _

if you use external power source than each and every time you need to manually turn the power on/off which looks not so good.

Solution- Simply power it from ATV Board you can easily found the outsource for +12v and GND which works well with remotely by default.

Step 7: Before Assemble !

Checkout +/- Connectivity and make sure it Works !

Step 8: Last Step !

There you go just Assemble your lcd tv and enjoy.

#Hope this will help you out there was a reason behind this i make it, well my tv backlight was working but the power Board was damaged and it keeps clicking and powered off automatically, after searching for replacement board they are charging more than Half price of tv value so i decided to do so why waste money to repair old instead of buying new one.

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3 Discussions


Question 2 years ago on Step 8

Nice one ! i have lcd 32" tv ..when i power onn..the main power led glow onn..and goes off..continuously..the tech..said ..behind the lcd panel .. there is small board..that is damaged..can't be repaired...will your technique help to solve me tv problem...thanks


Answer 2 years ago

I think so.. Before doing anything.. Make sure your atv board 12v power supply.. Is. Functioning.
. properly.. I mean after turning on your tv it should be continues.. 12v +/- supply going through it. As we need.. !

Hope this will help You !


5 years ago

Pretty neat! Check out my diy for a wiring time saver. I bet it would help you, and feel free to vote?