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This is super effective because no one would think of looking for money in a gum pack and all you need are scissors tape and a pack of gum.

Step 1: Making It

Again all you need is a full pack of gum, scissors and some tape or glue.
Okay now lets start. First get out your full pack of gum and cut it into the three sections like in the picture. Make sure when you cut it the gum is facing sideways. You can just put the middle section aside you won't need it. Now put some tape or glue on the back of one of the sections and slip it into one of the sides of the package. Now take whatever piece of paper or money and slip it into the middle of the packet. Make sure there is room for the other half of gum to fit in. Now all you do is slip the other half of gum into the other side of the package and your good to go! :D

Step 2: THANKS

Thanks for reading and good luck on making your awesome gum compartment. If you have questions just ask. If you comments I'd love to hear your feed back. Thanks again. Bye!:D
PS be careful not to push your secret stuff to far in because then your other gum section will go in to far and it will look weird.

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