Easy and Simple Way to Keep Tissues Handy

Introduction: Easy and Simple Way to Keep Tissues Handy

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Step 1: Why a Tissue Holder?

Well, do you ever get tired of not having tissues? Do you ever get tired of asking people for tissues? Do you ever get tired of having tissues but they get dirty? 
Then, you've come to the right place. 
The purpose of having a tissue holder is to have tissues you can have and to keep the tissues form getting dirty. Afterall, who wants dirty tissues or who wants to use their sleeve? They're both unsanitary. With a pocket tissue holder, you have easy access to tissues and it keeps you're tissues clean. 

Step 2: Let's Get Started Shall We?

Before getting started, you will need materials and what might that be? 

- Two pieces of felt, with your desire of color
- Scissors
- A ruler
- Ball point pins 
- Thread and needle (sewing machine if preferred) 
- Pack of Tissues 

Step 3: Pre- Assembling

Grab the two pieces of felt and measure each 5x7 inches. Grab a ruler and measure it. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the the pieces of felt. After the two pieces are cut out, pin them together using the pins. When you sew the pieces together, the pins help keep the fabric in place, making it easier to sew. 

Step 4: Sewing

Once the two pieces are pinned, sew the pieces shut. You can either hand stitch them together or you can use a sewing machine, whichever you prefer. But if you do have a sewing machine, I would prefer it. The sewing machine makes the process faster. Once it's stitched, grab your pack of tissues on top of the fabric. Fold the edges according to the size of the pack of tissues. Once folded, you can use pins to hold it down if you want. Sew the edges shut together and, viola, you now have a pocket tissue holder. 

Step 5: Final Product

A pocket tissue holder is convenient to those in need of tissues; whether it might be you have a cold or allergies, tissues are easily accessed. Not only does the holder provide as a way to keep tissues on the go, it keeps the tissues clean. Have you ever put a pack of tissues in your backpack/bag but the packing always get ruined? So go get yourselves a tissue holder, you won't regret it. 

Also, you are more than welcomed to design the outside of the tissue holder. Everyone has different ideas and should be able to express themselves however they want. I decided to make my holder look like a phone and decorated with the name of my favorite band. Feel free to decorate the outside any way you want it.

You're probably thinking what happens when you run out of the pack of tissues.
You don't have to put a pack of tissues in there. The reason it is used first, is because when you're done using the pack of tissues, you can simply get tissues elsewhere and still put them in the holder. When the tissues are gone, you repeat the process of merely refilling your pouch.

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