Easy Arc Reactor

Introduction: Easy Arc Reactor

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I promise this is the last build that won’t have step by
step directions. I built this a while ago and didn’t take pictures as I was
going. With that said, lets jump in.

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Step 1:

There are a ton of tutorials on building an Arc Reactor, but
I wanted to share mine since I was able to make it for about $5. I used a sink
drain I got for about $3, a dollar store tap light and a few other drain accessories
also from the dollar store. I double sided taped the light to the inside of the
drain, after I removed the back part of the light where the batteries go (keep
this, you’ll need it). I then surrounded the tap light with some foam I had
laying around to make sure it was snug. After that, I drilled a few holes on
the black part from the tap light that I kept (I even put some screws in it,
just for looks) and placed it on top of the light, only after I put the
strainer on top of the light (strainer came with the drain when I bought it). I
had a clear little piece of plastic I had from another project, that happened
to fit right into the bigger hole I made into the black tap light part. Once
you do this, the middle is done, now the ring. I had some clear tubing (thankfully),
made a circle and wrapped each section with black Gorilla tape. Then used
strips of clear packing tape to fasten the cooper staples to them. I had old
audio/visual wire in my basement, cut them up and tied them to the bottom to
the drain for looks. On a side note, I put a small glue dot on the center of
the tap light. This way when you push the center of the light once it’s all
assembled, the light can be shut on and off. Thanks for reading, and enjoy
building your own power source.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty easy to throw together. My only suggestion is to get the deepest drain you can find. Usually run about $3 or $4.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome - never would have thought you could use a sink drain for one of these!