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Introduction: Easy Art for Kids

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Coming up with new ideas for kid's art projects usually turns into the same, mediocre crayon-on-paper ordeal.
Even your average 4 year-old is yawning behind the colored wax sticks. With this tutorial, you can help creative a wonderfully artistic and memorable experience for you and your little one!

With a little bit of science and tempura, washable paint, we'll make concentric circles that you and your kids will marvel at.

Here's to wallhanging-worthy kids art! Let's get started!

Step 1: Creating the Stand

There are many different ways to do this; all we're looking to create is a stable stand that we can thread through to create a pendulum that will drop paint onto our canvas or paper.

I used wood to create my stand, which consisted of
Two 2x4s, 24 inches long
Four 2x2s, 8 inches long
One 30 inch dowel
a handful of screws
and thread.

Other types of stands can be made of PVC pipes, or even cardboard boxes with a paper-towel role as your dowel. Get creative! This is art, after all!

Step 2: Gathering Paint Supplies

I used a pair of Wilton squeeze bottles and filled them with Tempura, washable, kid-friendly, paint. These will be used as the applicators. I thinned the paint a tad bit with water to achieve a slightly more liquid consistency.

I used a square piece of pre-treated canvas material. This will be what sits on the ground and gets painted on. You could also use card stock or poster boards.

Step 3: Getting Ready

I drilled a small hole through my dowel where a piece of string will connect it to the paint applicator. This will be our pendulum.

Next, I prepped my Wilton squeeze bottle by cutting out the bottom, and making two small holes about a half inch away from the newly cut bottom, exactly opposite each other. These two holes will be strung through with the string hanging from our dowel.

Now, cut a larger opening on the squeeze top so the paint can flow easily out of it. Because we thinned our paint a bit with water, it should flow out effortlessly. I put a small cup directly underneath the bottle so it wouldn't get unto my canvas material until I was ready to set it in motion.

Step 4: Set It in Motion and Watch It Go!

I used a circular motion to get the pendulum paint bottle moving around. And the effect it creates is awesome!

Hope you enjoy your art experience with your little ones!



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    I absolutely LOVE this! I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old and this would be great for both of them!

    Not just for kids anymore (like Froot Loops).

    i'm 19 and finds this quite entertaining Simple harmonic Motion!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, a paint fight would be a good kids' art project, especially when using dimensional paint and plain white tees, then the splattered tees would be wearable art.

    And there's my scooterboard art idea too.

    here are some pics. their software is confusing and unresponsive.

    paint swing 002.JPGpaint swing 002.JPGpaint swing 008.JPGpaint swing 001.JPGpaint swing 002.JPGpaint swing 002.JPGpaint swing 006.JPGpaint swing 006.JPGpaint swing 004.JPGpaint swing 004.JPGpaint swing 003.JPGpaint swing 001.JPGpaint swing 001.JPG

    replace the dowel with a 1x4 in which you cut holes so as to be able to store the unused bottles, nozzle down [with cap on]. put a dog leash clasp on the pendulum rope so colors can be easily changed out. make the inner 2x2's longer so they hold the entire edge of the paper down. great idea, I may steal it.

    This is very cool! I don't even have kids at home anymore and I want to try it. Thanks for this.

    Thank you - great idea and my boys will love making the rig as much as creating the art. Good one!

    I though this was hot wax when you mentioned crayons. Using paint sounds a lot safer! And what fun!

    Don't forget to tip the paper at an angle and do the same thing. And/or before it dries, tip the paper and let the paint run down. And/or fold the paper for a Rochard test kind of thing.

    Fun little art project. I would just like to point out that tempura is battered and deep-fried Japanese food. The paint is tempera.

    great simple version of a harmonagraph. I've watched other methods/straightforward builds that may also work with the kids on YouTube. This is great, well done


    4 years ago

    Very cool!!

    I think in my household w/ my little devils I could only do this outside because the first thing they would do is whip that bottle around and try to make it go complete loops.
    I know that because thats what jumps in my brain.....i guess the acorn hasn't fallen far from the tree. i bet this would work with magic markers to keep paint from flying all over the place.
    nice job.

    This is a cool idea, and so simple to make. I will put it on my list for my girls, thanks for sharing!

    The heck with the kids! I am going to use this to create art for my walls!