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Introduction: Easy Aux Cord!

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In this ible I'm going to show you how to make a simple, make-shift Aux cord, a super simple project that you might have not thought of!
As this is only my second instructable I would love your feedback: questions, comments, concerns, and even critisizms! :)

Step 1: Materials

All the materials you will need are as follows:
2 pairs of earbuds (functional or not)
1 pair of pliers (or anything else to cut very thin wires)
A knife (to peel off the rubber on the wires)
A lighter
Soldering iron
Shrink tubing

Step 2: Cut

This is when we will cut our earbuds. Using your pliers, cut both pairs of earbuds seperating the jack from the speakers, give yourself as much wire as you want on the side of the jack.

Step 3: Make Your Connections

Peel some coating off of the end of the wires and figure your connections. Each earbud should have a pair of wires with a red and a gold, and another pair of wires with another color (such as blue or green) and a gold.
You want to connect the red with the other red, the "other color" with the "other color", and the golds with the opposing golds. Pretty simple, just connect the same colors on the other wire. All I did to connect them was twist them together but soldering is an option. **WARNING** be sure to remove the enamel from each invidial wire (8 in total) before making your connections, I used a lighter to do this.

Step 4: Test

To test, making sure none of your wires are touching each other, connect the cord to something such as a speaker and your phone. Hope for the best and turn on some jams!! :|)

Step 5: Tape

To keep the wires from shorting I simply wrapped tape between each wire, then taped it all together in one bundle to make it look neater.

Step 6: Jam!

Your practically free Aux cord is completed, feel proud! Turn on some Gorillaz-Feel Good Incorporated at full volume and start grooving!



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    7 Discussions

    it was cool making it its just a little quiet though than expected but genius idea

    Just made it! Thanks for the instructable. Thought I was the only one with too many pairs of headphones and not enough AUX cords ;)

    3 replies

    haha, glad you enjoyed it, and trust me you're never the only one }:~>

    P.S. I love self made emoticons

    That emoticon is one of the best things I have ever seen. You should write an instructable with tips for creative original emoticons!

    My friend, you are a genius, someday I'll have to make that happen! /:^/)

    I made it and it works! but its a bit quiet . do you know how it can be fixed?

    1 reply

    If your sound is quiet the first thing I'd check is your connections. Check and make sure each of your wires' enamel coating is completely removed. I had to do my connections twice because I hadn't removed all of the enamel. Next make sure your connections are tight and sturdy. Afterwards make sure you put a piece of tape in between each individual wire so that none of them are losing power to each other (not even sure if that can happen but rather be safe than sorry), and if all else fails, try to solder your connections.