Easy Bamboo Fishing Rod



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Bamboo, the source of all small great things.

Can be make into different stuff, you can find from laddle to cups to anything.

so now we're gonna make a Bamboo Fishing Rod

Made of your one and only BAMBOO!.

now let's begin.

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Step 1: The Materials Needed.

The materials needed are the following:



Garden ties

and Bamboo (any length will do)

Step 2: Now Wire We Go!

Now wire it all up!

Get your wire and cut it by 5 inches

and bend the wire 1.5 inches like shown,

and the follow everything from the pictures given.

this will be the sections for the wire to be insert in.

Step 3: Section 626:

For the sections of the guide wires,

now get your cable tie and the guide wire

and tie it from every sections in the bamboo like shown

be sure to place the guide wires in the middle of the sections and tie it with two cable ties.

it you want to fully secure and strengthen your guide wires you can place tape to fortify it.

Step 4: The End of the Rod

In the end of the Rod, You can place it with two guide like shown

now place four cable ties and secure it tightly the two cable ties will be the guide for the wires

by placing it slightly offset from the center.

Step 5: But Wait There's More!

if you want to make a bait for the rod i can show you how

just follow me!

Step 6: Now to Gather!

Gather the following Hook(any length)

and a colorful paracord (scrap paracords)

now let's make the bait!.

first measure the paracord and the hook like shown.

cut the paracord in desired length

insert the paracord into the hook

use a lighter to scorched the end of the paracord to secure it from loosening from the hook.

Step 7: Real Fake Bait

To make the bait looks delicious to the fishes.

get a needle and loosen the edges of the bottom of the paracord.

Now you have a fly bait.

Step 8: Fish On! Fish On!

Now go out there and fish for fish! [Catch fishes.]

I caught a fish from this one!

and survive the seas, but most importantly...

Have fin! Fun!

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