Easy Bark Camoflauge/Light Armor.




Introduction: Easy Bark Camoflauge/Light Armor.


Well.technically speaking, armor is any type of clothing that protects you. even from the smallest things. I will tell you about an armor that are easily made and the materials are free! I please ask that you don't take the armor right from a live tree. take is from dead ones (thanks, I'm a guardian, its kinda my thing to try to keep things safe, be respectful to the plants that give you the air to breathe) now, I don't have a full armor suit, I'm just giving you a bit of an example in order to let you make a full suit.

WARNING, anyone anticipating the arrival of a full bark suit, I have unfortunate news, somebody has found the bark and either broke or bent or threw them, and I cannot make it, I don't take bark from live trees so it will be awile.

soon I will be making copper plate armor and shingle plate armor, my shingle are industrial and aare multilayered, so try to bear with me by tacking regular shingles together, but I will be making a full suit and a sheild so that's not going to be easy

Step 1: Bark Armor Basics

lightest armor I could think of with armor capabilities (other than regular clothes). I would use this armor in sparring with wooden practice weapons. if your fighting, depending on how hard the bark is, you could have one hit and the armor break, or five. so with this armor, fighting with it is better left for people who know how not to get hit with a weapon, meaning they won't need heavy armor as much as you do.

Step 2: Materials for the Armors

cool thing about bark, is that is is usually rounded, so it fits on your body super easy. the things you'll need is a good bit of thick bark, (dry, not too dry) if the bark is really straight and stiff, put it in water and carefully shape it to your body. you also need string for the little armors. and thick twine for the bigger ones. and a knowlage of how to tie and untie knots.

Step 3: Pauldrons

(also known as shoulder armor) get bark that rounds your shoulder. I have a better armor type that I will be making a tutorial of soon.

Step 4: Thigh Armor

mine has a thickened knee cap. try to find one like that.

Step 5: Top Greave (Front)

this is for the freont, there are four parts of a greave, the front plate (this one) back plate (same thing backwards) then a plate on your shoe. then one right between you top plate and foot plate. (look at knights they have them)

Step 6: Forearm

this bark plate is shaped so I can move my arm too.

Step 7: Also

this is the same one from step 6, just on another part of the arm.



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    11 Discussions

    Okay, fair enough, I won't delete it.

    This isn't armor! It's camouflage! Your a genius! Don't delete this! I don't care if you finish it, this is great!

    I am most likely going to delete this instructable, and make a new one, the new one will probably have many different armor explanations in it, goodbye.

    WARNING, sorry everybody, someone resently have gotten to my bark armor, all of my plates and peices are scattered or misplaced, I may not be anle to complete the suit of armor yoj wanted, I'm so happy somebody felt the need to do that.

    but, even if it does wither away it is a pretty darn easy build though. I'm designing a new armor. :)......

    yeah. it proba ly does wither away, but good thing is I've had those for a few months now and I just figured id make this video.

    Looking forward to the final result. It's a great idea, although I'd be worried about longevity - i.e. whether the bark would wither away over time...

    Thanks for sharing!

    don't worry the armor I'm going to make is more effective, light, and more matching and stylish. its worth is if you can find the materials.

    also, look. I have a different kind of armor that I think I'll be able to finish fast than the bark. I just don't like taking it right fom a live tree. I'm looking for more supplies. I'll make sure that my next tutorial has more depth

    of course, I'm gathering supplies and finishing the armor. I think in a few weeks I will get you that picture.

    Can we please get a picture of you in full Ent mode? Super curious how you've done bark chest plate / cod piece / helm.