Easy Birdmouth Joint on the Table Saw


Introduction: Easy Birdmouth Joint on the Table Saw

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A Birdmouth joint is commonly used in roof construction, but it can also be used for boxes or other kinds of woodworking where you want a 45° conection that is easy to glue and does not slip like, say, a mitre joint.

There are specialised bits for the router table to make these, but you can also create them on the table saw.

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    I love the idea. For some of with vision problem, words and still photos work better. I cannot see fast enough for video. Thank you for your trim Ible, especially the part showing how to make new scallop patterns.


    3 years ago

    I thought this would be an instructional tutorial. ?

    1 reply

    The instruction can be found in the video. I did not take any pictures during this one, and I thought the video does a much better job at showing the process than me describing it.

    where is the instruction?