Easy Black and White Poster Using MS Word




Howdy! In this Instructable I'll show you how to make black and white poster images without using ANY special photo editing software. All you need are programs you probably already have: MS Word (I used 2010, but i think other versions would work too), and MS Paint!

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Step 1: Preparing Image

First, choose a picture. A high high quality high contrast picture will work best.

Then, set the Color Saturation to zero.

Then remove the background using the 'Remove Background' tool.

Step 2: Black and White

Now it's time for black and white. In the color menu, set your image to black and white.

Then in the 'Corrections' menu, soften your image either 50% or 25%.

Look at the brightness and contrast options in the 'Corrections' menu and pick the one that looks best.

Step 3: Clean It Up

To clean up your image, copy/paste it into MS Paint.

Use the eraser tool to remove any miscellaneous spots caused by the black and white filter.

Once you've done that, copy/paste it from MS Paint back into Word.

Set the image to black and white again using the "Color' menu to neaten any fuzziness. You can go back and soften it some more in the 'Corrections' menu, too, if needed.

Voila! A crisp, black and white poster image using no photo editing software!

Step 4: Bonus

Here are some examples of ways you can take the image you created further! All of these graphics were made using only MS Word and MS Paint.

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1 year ago

Hi, everyone. Here are two of my projects using only Microsoft Word and Paint. Blessings to all.

Glow and Chalk Effects.pngThree in One.png

4 years ago

Nicely done! I had no idea that Word was capable of this level of image manipulation. Thanks for sharing.


4 years ago on Introduction

I think it's super cool that you made this using really accessible tools--although I can't imagine actually wanting to make graphics in MS word/paint! I cheated and whipped up this Illustrator version.

For those who use Illustrator: Place image, select image, click image trace at the top, click arrow next to image trace for more options (I used 3 color, but you could also do b&w), expand, select and ungroup, use direct selection tool to delete portions of the background you don't want. (Although, that step would have been more straight forward using quick select in Photoshop prior to image trace.) Voila! A significantly more expensive (if you don't already have the software), and possibly not much easier, version of your 'ible.

hammerhead - grayscale instructables-01.png