Easy Blanket Fort

Introduction: Easy Blanket Fort

Check this totally awesome blanket fort out. 

Step 1:

These are all the materials I used. I also used a chair but didn't realize that I needed it until later on. Basically all you need is a bunch of tall and heavy stuff. 

Step 2:

I used a lot of blankets.

Step 3:

Set up the tall stuff in a circle. 

Step 4:

Take the lightest large blanket that you have and drape it over one side of the circle of tall stuff. If part of it hangs down in the circle, just fold it. 

Step 5:

Do the same to thing with another blanket except on a different side of the circle.

Step 6:

Now take another light blanket and drape it over the side of the circle that connects the other two blankets. 

Step 7:

Now just start draping big blankets one over another. Try to make sure that there is more blanket on the side than in the middle of the circle. If there is too much weight in the middle it could collapse. 

Step 8:

Once you've run out of blankets or you feel that there is enough, you can move on to work on the inside. 

Step 9:

This is the inside of the fort. If you wanted to, you could be done and admire you're wonderful fort. Or if you're daring enough, you could look at the next step and see what else you might add to the fort. 

Step 10:

Looks like we got a dare devil over here. The next step is to cover the floor with pillows and cushions for a nice and soft seat. 

Step 11:

Put whatever blankets you have left over the pillows for extra comfort and ta da! You have yourself a fort. But if you want to get even more creative look at the next step. 

Step 12:

Light!!! For light you can use a lamp or Christmas lights. 

Step 13:

I have to say the fort looks much better now. But it would look even better with a.....( look at the next step )

Step 14:

Door! For a door you can use a small blanket and drape it over the side of the fort. 

Step 15:

Well I'm out surprises now. Thanks for reading this step by step tutorial and please vote and comment for my fort!!:) 

Step 16:

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