Easy Bracelet Tutorial – How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bracelet With Crackle Glass Bead Decorated




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This is a beginner’s project, it will show you how to make a very chic wire wrapped bracelet, if you want make some easy bracelets, take a look at this one!

Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make This Glass Beaded Wire Wrapped Bracelet:

8mm Red Crackle Glass Beads

1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire

Golden Cross Chain

Golden Headpins

Golden Spring Clasp

Round Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Make the Main Wire Wrapped Patterns

1st, cut about 20cm aluminum wire, slide a red crackle glass bead to one end of the wire, wrap the wire around the bead like the following picture shows;

2nd, make 5 glass beaded wire patterns in total and connect them together like the picture shows.

Step 3: Finish the Simple Glass Beaded Wire Wrapped Bracelet

1st, cut 2 pieces of golden twist chains, the lengths should be about 5cm and 10cm;

2nd, attach the shorter chain to the loop of the wire pattern and attach a spring clasp to the other chain end;

3rd, attach the longer chain to the hoop of the wire pattern and add a red crackle glass bead to the other chain end.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of the Finished Wire Wrapped Bracelet:

The colors are very bright and the bracelet is very easy to make. If you want to make a chic accessory for the coming spring days, try this wire wrapped bracelet!

Inspired by craft idea: http://lc.pandahall.com/craft-ideas/13057.html



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