Easy Brushed Metal in Photoshop.

Introduction: Easy Brushed Metal in Photoshop.

In this instructable you will learn how to make brushed metal in photoshop. It may also work in The Gimp to but I'm not sure.

Step 1: Create a New Document

I did a 640 x 480 transparent one. But it doesn't matter.

Step 2: Gradient!

Ok new make a Gradient in the document. Use gray. I did semi similar grays so that the difference between the two wouldn't be that much but the gradient adds to the effect.

Step 3: Add Noise.

Go to filter > noise > add noise. Don't set it too high. Oh yeah MAKE SURE that you select Monochromatic or it will be messed up.

Step 4: Motion Blur.

Ok now go to filter > blur > motion blur. Mess around with the distance to get it how you want. I picked 35.

Step 5: Enjoy

Ok now enjoy your brushed metal. If you make Mac software this could come in handy I think.



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    I've tried several other brushed metal tutorials, and this was by far the easiest. Thanks!

    This is great!! I'm teaching myself Image Processing with GIMP and this helped.

    I don't mean that vista crap either. I mean the version that works like it should, XP. its all bill gates fault. Btw how much is photoshop?

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    it is not bill gates' fault, it is the programmer's, designer's, and steve ballmer's fault

    I give vista 2-3 more years before it gets popular. same thing happened with xp and look what we have running now. photoshop is about $650 US, $300 US for academic version (for students). i would suggest geting GimpGimp. its the same only free!

     Nice Instructable. I'm using this as my wallpaper. Looks pretty sweet. If you leave "Monochromatic" unchecked, you can add what I call the "oxidation effect."

    Of course, the oxidation effect would only occur if the metal was oxidized before abrasion, which is pretty rare. I took two years of Engineering Technology, so that's how I'd know.

    I used a program called paint.net and it came out lovely...thanks for the tut :D

    what do you use to make the text look engraved like that?

    i added a little more texture to it by using the filter angled brush strokes and increasing the contrast while lowering the brightness. nice instructable by the way

    guys enough this -> get a mac :D No seriously if you are doing Layout stuff or if you are working with Ai, ID, PS ans other tools alot you should consider to by a mac ;)

    i noticed you had a mac, is it better (faster) than windows?

    Nice technique! I like it! Thanks for sharing.

    I texture metal 3d models on daily basis, this will come in handy some time!

    I've been working in PShop for years and about 10 years ago I designed a logo for DOE's 20th anniversary. I wanted something a bit different and went with copper... actual copper. I pilfered a piece from the metal shop where I worked and scanned it, then worked the numbers and text into it to get my embossed look...you know that routine. All I can say now is... Where were you and this great instructable ten years ago? I'm gonna give it spin just for gits and shiggles! Thanks!

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