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This week, we built a fast, easy, grill cart for the back deck.

The best part is, we built it using inexpensive, preassembled crates from Lowe's.

Also, we grilled burgers afterward, which is always good.

Step 1: Watch the Video

This video gives an in-depth, step-by-step description of our build.

Anything you don't find here in the Instructable, you'll find in the video.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

You'll need the following:

(3) Wooden Crates

(1) 2-1/2"x 3-1/4" Pine Board

A board for the top (your choice ... pick something pretty)

(4) Casters

Minwax Polyshades Stain (Mission Oak)


Miter Saw

Jig Saw

Table Saw (or have Lowe's cut your top for you)


Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Some clamps are handy too.

Step 3: Cut a Bunch of Blocks

Cut your pine board down to 3-1/2 inch blocks.

If you want to put a top on your cart like we did, you'll need 12 of these blocks

Step 4: Prepare the Blocks

Drill two pilot holes in each block.

Set aside 4 blocks. These blocks will go on the top crate, and attach to the top.

For these 4, you'll also need to drill a pocket hole in the center.

That way, when you attach the top to the cart, the screws are hidden.

Step 5: Attach the Blocks to the Crates

Glue and screw one in each corner.

Do this for all three crates.

Remember to put all the blocks with the pocket holes on the same crate.

Step 6: Cut Some More Pine

Cut the rest of your pine board into two strips, 11-3/4" long.

Go ahead and mount these to the bottom crate with screws and glue.

This is what we'll use to attach the wheels for the cart.

Step 7: Cut Out Some Slats

Measure 1-1/5" in from the sides of your crates, and cut out the top three slats on one side with a jig saw.

Step 8: Cut Out a Top

We cut a board down to 15" x 20" for our top.

Step 9: Stain Everything

There are a bunch of options for stain, but we used a simple spray-on stain with included protective finish.

Make sure to completely and evenly cover all surfaces.

Step 10: Attach the Wheels

Drill holes for your wheels on the bottom crate. We used locking casters, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy.

Secure those suckers with locking nuts.

Make sure if you have locking wheels, you mount them both on the same side of the crate, otherwise they won't work.

Step 11: Put Them All Together

Stack your crates and line them up.

The crate with the wheels goes on the bottom (obviously)...

and the crate with the pocket holes goes on the top.

Fasten these together with screws through the blocks we attached earlier. (Pre-drilled pilot holes help)

Step 12: Attach the Top

Screw it on using the pocket holes you drilled earlier, and you're done.

Step 13: Bask in the Glow of Your Own Handiness

Just look at that thing, classing up your deck like a champ. Even E-dub, the DIY Dog loves it!

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