Easy Build Rubber Band Slingshot! No Adhesives!

Introduction: Easy Build Rubber Band Slingshot! No Adhesives!

Are you bored? Looking for something awesome to build for cheap that will help kill huge amounts of time? IF yes, THEN THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS FOR YOU! This Instructable will give step by step instructions on how to construct a low cost slingshot only using basic craft supplies and some free time.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Toothpick
  • Pen
  • Sandpaper
  • Sheet of Printer Paper
  • 4 Jumbo Craft Sticks (5.9 in x .7 in)

Note- I do not have specific sizes of Rubber bands. I will refer to them as "small" "medium" and "large" based on their relative size to each other. The actual difference in size is very slight and all rubber bands could be replaced with a single size if preferred.

  • 6 Small Rubber Bands
  • 2 Medium Rubber Bands
  • 4 Large Rubber Bands

Step 2: Making the Frame Part 1: Jumbo Sticks

Stack all 4 jumbo craft sticks one on top of the other. Bind the sticks together using a small rubber band about 1 inch from one end of your choosing.

Note- Make sure sticks are even.

Step 3: Making the Frame Part 2: Seperate

Separate the two inside and two outside sticks. move the ends without the rubber band binding. (Refer to pictures above).

Note- Don't be concerned too much with the angle of the V shape, this will change in the following steps.

Step 4: Making the Frame Part 3: Vertical Bindings

Add two small rubber bands one at a time vertically between the wedge at the bottom and top as shown in the first picture. This will force the sticks apart causing less movement between the two sides.

Note- Do not over stretch your rubber bands during this step, this can cause pinching and ripping. there will most likely be excess slack which cannot fit over the long end of the sticks. To take up this slack neatly; twist band once 180 degrees just above the horizontal band already in place. Wrap band horizontally until snug. For example, refer to pictures above.

Step 5: Make Your Marks Part 1: Lines

Using a pen or pencil, draw 2 lines on the left and right side of the slingshot frame. The top two lines will be the position of where the paper pocket bands will be attacked. The lower lines will be for position of the support bindings. the Support bindings will strengthen the structural integrity of the frame.

Note- Make sure the top two and bottom two lines are in the same position on each side. I would recommend using a ruler for this but most improvised measuring device will do (I used my index finger).

Step 6: Make Your Marks Part 2: Sanding

Using the folded edge of a piece of sandpaper, make indentations on the edge of the sticks where marked( i used 100 grit sandpaper but anything close will be okay). make indentations about the depth of two rubber bands for the top lines and about one rubber band for the bottom lines.

Note- Too deep of an indentation could cause a weak frame.

Step 7: Making Your Marks Part 3: Support Bindings

Use 1 medium rubber band for each side; wrap the band starting in the indentations on the lower lines until snug. For example refer to picture above.

Step 8: Making the Paper Pocket Part 1: Paper

Fold the sheet of printer paper into quarters. Using the scissors, cut out one quarter of the paper using the folded lines. Fold the now 1/4 sheet paper in halve 4 times. You should have the same size and shape piece of folded paper in the second picture above.

Step 9: Making the Paper Pocket Part 2: Holes

Make two identical marks with a pen or pencil on each side of the paper. Use the X-acto knife (or something equivalent) to make holes where marked. (I held the X-Acto knife at a perpendicular angle, using only light pressure and a corkscrew motion). Crease paper between the holes.

Note-be sure to make marks far enough from the papers edge to prevent ripping during usage. Also, make the holes large enough to fit two looped rubber bands through as you will see in following steps. Some adjustments may need to be made.

Caution- Use precaution while making holes. Use a backing behind the paper to prevent item or bodily injury. Do not push hard on the blade, its designed to slice not to stab.

Step 10: Making the Paper Pocket Part 3: Bands

One rubber band at a time, use the dull side of a toothpick (or something equivalent) to push 2 large rubber bands through each hole in the paper pocket, about a quarter of the length of the rubber band through (as seen in the first two pictures). Once all 4 large rubber bands are installed, use a small rubber band to tie the large bands together. To do this, cut or leave in tact a small rubber band (its up to you). insert into loops of large rubber bands on the short side of the paper pocket. Tie a knot with the small rubber band. pull large bands until the knot is centered and there is no slack on the short side. (as seen in the third picture).

Note- Do not push too hard with a toothpick, this could cause the bands to rip.

Step 11: Combining the Parts

Loop a small rubber band around the outside of each sides' large rubber bands (as seen in the first picture attached). Loop the two bands of one side of the paper pocket around one side of the frame. Set the large rubber bands in the top indentations. Here's the tricky part: While holding the large bands in the indented area, bring the small rubber band close to the stick without overlapping it. Twist the small rubber band 180 degrees once then begin to wrap the stick, covering the large rubber bands. Repeat this procedure for the other side.

Note-Using something ( a vice or wedging it between books) to hold the frame will make this step much easier.

Step 12: The Finished Product

And there you have it! Now go have fun with your very own homemade Slingshot!!

Thanks for Reading. Please try it out and let me know what you think :)

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