Easy Camera Stand

Introduction: Easy Camera Stand

This is my very first instructable. So i picked something easy that i know i can do. 

i had a need for a camera stand for a webcam because the original was seemingly made of cheap plastic and got broken. That seemed like a good enough reason to make one. here is my method for doing just that.

Step 1: Materials

Construction materials
1 - lid from a jar
1 - 1" x 1/4" bolt
1 - 1/4" wing nut
2 - washers

Drill with 1/4" drill bit

in this example, i used the lid from a peanut butter jar. the camera that i'm using it with is kind of big, so i wanted something with a wide base. i have a smaller version that is very useful with webcams or small digital cameras. for that one i used the lid from an apple juice bottle.

Step 2: Using Tools

 Be very careful and do your best to drill a hole in the center of the lid.

Step 3: Assembly

put one washer on the bolt
push the bolt and washer through the hole in the lid so the bolt sticks out the top of the lid
flip over and put the second washer on the bolt and top of the lid
put the wing nut on 'upside-down' to give the camera a stopping point

Step 4: Camera Stand in Action

Screw the stand into the base of the camera, then sit upright, and you have a nice wide base for your camera.

smaller sized lids can be used for smaller cameras, or you can use this big lid for your small cameras as well.

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