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Making an easy and fun campfire

Step 1: Materials


  1. dry wood
  2. open area
  3. stones
  4. matches, or a lighter if you don't have any matches
  5. dry leaves
  6. bucket of water - just in case

extra - marshmallows

Step 2: - Collecting Wood

Collect dry wood in different sizes from as big as an A4 paper and as small as a toothpick.

Step 3: - Building a Base

Use small sticks first and gradually move to the bigger ones to build a tipi as the base of your campfire. put a circle of stones on the outside of the tipi to prevent the fire from spreading. when building your fire make sure your build it in a safe place so that nothing els will catch fire. if you have it at hand then you could trow in some paper which is a great fire starter.

Step 4: - Lighting the Fire

Use a match to light the leaves and the small sticks on at the base of the fire. if you have a small match try to trow the match as far inside of the tipi as possible.

Step 5: - Finishing Off

Slowly and gently blow at the bottom of the fire till the flames catch on to the bigger sticks.

Step 6: - Keeping It Going

Continue to feed the fire with new branches of different sizes. if you keep adding bigger branches on the outside of the fire to make a bigger fire.

Step 7: - Finished

You have now completed your fire.

have fun and enjoy with your family and friends!

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    thanks DIY Hacks and How Tos. I think this is a fun thing to do if you in the backyard with friends or family.