Easy Cardboard Floating Cooler




Intro: Easy Cardboard Floating Cooler

This is a super easy awesome project that will be put to good use! Hope you will make and enjoy this project!

Step 1: Materials

One cardboard box


3 gallon size ziploc bags

Lots a duct tape

Ice packs,ice, and drinks

Step 2: Making the Cooler

1. Duct tape all the corners and edges of the box inside and outside.

2. Duct tape every inch of the outside of the box so it will become water proof.

3. Take one of the ziploc bags an cut it down the sides down to the bottom.

4. Now lay the bag along the bottom and up the sides of the box and tape it to the bow so no water can get through.

5. Take the 2 other bags and place them along the longer sides of the box and tape all sides so no water can get in.

6. Now finally tape any exposed cardboard and you are done.

7. Put some ice packs on the bottom and the sides and fill with drinks and enjoy!

Step 3: Finish

Hope you will make and enjoy this waterproof cooler. Thanks making this!



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    Aks Shah

    2 years ago

    Really smart idea!